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Workshop on Higher Spin Gravity

10. April - 20. April 2012

Aim of the workshop

The aim of the workshop at the ESI is twofold. It will bring together leading experts and pioneers of higher spin theories, and it will provide a series of introductory and advanced lectures for the benefit of local students and faculty members. The workshop will be of interest for experts in the fields of higher spin field theories, gravity, conformal field theory, AdS/CFT, string theory and integrable systems. We plan to have 2+2 talks each day which will allow plenty of time for discussions and collaborations.

Schedule of Week 1 (10.-15.)

All talks and announcements take place in the ESI Boltzmann lecture hall, Boltzmanngasse 9, A-1090 Vienna (with the exception of items in turquoise color).

Time Tuesday 10. Wednesday 11. Thursday 12. Friday 13.
after 8:30 Registration at ESI
9:15-9:30 Welcome and announcements
9:30-10:30 Per Kraus Nicolas Boulanger Iosef Buchbinder Euihun Joung
10:30-11:00 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
11:00-12:00 Martin Ammon Per Sundell Alfredo Perez Kostya Alkalaev
12:00-14:30 Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break
Thu: 14:00-15:00
Eric Perlmutter Maxim Grigoriev Simone Giombi
Massimo Porrati
15:30-16:00 Break Break Break Break
Thu: 15:30-16:30
Augusto Sagnotti Andrew Waldron
Glenn Barnich
19:00-? Heurigen

The only event not taking place at ESI in the first week is the visit at the Heurigen on Friday evening.
Details about this social event can be found here.

Schedule of Week 2 (16.-20.)

All talks and announcements take place in the ESI Boltzmann lecture hall, Boltzmanngasse 9, A-1090 Vienna (with the exception of items in turquoise color).

Time Monday 16. Tuesday 17. Wednesday 18. Thursday 19. Friday 20.
9:15-9:30 Announcements for second week
9:30-10:30 Eric Bergshoeff Antal Jevicki Rajesh Gopakumar Alejandra Castro Marc Henneaux
10:30-11:00 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Closing remarks
11:00-12:00 Andrea Campoleoni Michael Gary Constantin Candu Xavier Bekaert Farewell
12:00-14:30 Lunch break 12:15-13:30 Alejandra Castro Lunch Talk (UV) Lunch break Lunch break
14:30-15:30 Dimitri Polyakov Misha Vasiliev Rakibur Rahman Slava Didenko
15:30-16:00 Break Break Break Break
16:00-17:00 Hamid Afshar Kewang Jin Carlo Iazeolla
17:00-19:00 Marc Henneaux Colloquium (TU)

Marc Henneaux's colloquium on Monday afternoon will take place at the Vienna University of Technology, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10, FH HS 5 (2nd floor, green tower)

Alejandra Castro's lunch talk on Tuesday noon will take place at the University of Vienna, 1 minute from ESI, in the Schrödinger lecture hall, 5th floor

ESI preprints and post-workshop info

The organizers thank all the participants for contributing to a wonderful workshop with their talks, questions, discussions, ideas and anecdotes. We hope to see you back at ESI in the future.

If you have not sent the slides of your talk to Daniel yet please do so.

Guidelines for submissions to the ESI preprint series
(short version quoted from ESI)

Please take the following points into consideration.

  1. Every submission should be as (La)TeX-source and should include any non standard style files you have used. This source will not be distributed, but it allows us to print in high resolution, distribute electronically in lower resolution, and it simplifies administration for us.
  2. Please make sure your (La)TeX-file contains (commented out if you prefer) the following additional information:
    • subject classification, either AMS or PACS
    • keywords (optional)
    • abstract (optional).
Then send all files in one email to the email address

If you have any additional questions concerning our preprint series or your submission, please email them to the address above.

Link to ESI preprint page

Confirmed participants

Name Presence Title of talk
Hamid Afshar 9.4.-21.4. Conformal Chern-Simons gravity
Kostya Alkalaev 9.4.-21.4. Generating formulation for higher spin gauge fields
Martin Ammon 9.4.-20.4. Black holes in 3D higher spin gravity, part II
Glenn Barnich 9.4.-14.4. Topics in asymptotically flat gravity in 3 and 4 dimensions
Xavier Bekaert 8.4.-21.4. Towards a bulk dual of the unitary Fermi gas
Eric Bergshoeff 11.4.-18.4. Massive Higher-Derivative Gravity
Nicolas Boulanger 9.4.-17.4. Off-shell Formulation of Higher-Spin Gravity Part I: Classical Action
Iosef Buchbinder 9.4.-20.4. Cubic Interaction Vertex of Higher-Spin Fields with External Constant Electromagnetic Field
Andrea Campoleoni 9.4.-22.4. Towards a metric-like formulation of three-dimensional higher-spin gauge theories
Constantin Candu 9.4.-19.4. Supersymmetric holography on AdS3
Alejandra Castro 15.4.-21.4. Finite N phenomena in AdS_3 higher spin theories
Slava Didenko 10.4.-20.4. Black holes: from general relativity to higher spins
Stefan Fredenhagen 9.4.-20.4.
Matthias Gaberdiel 9.4.-19.4.
Michael Gary 10.4.-20.4. Beyond AdS holography in 3d higher spin gravity
Simone Giombi 9.4.-14.4. Higher spin theories, holography and Chern-Simons vector models
Rajesh Gopakumar 9.4.-19.4. On level-rank duality and the symmetries of minimal model holography
Maxim Grigoriev 9.4.-20.4. Parent BRST approach to higher spin gauge fields
Daniel Grumiller 10.4.-22.4.
Marc Henneaux 16.4.-20.4. Higher Spin AdS Supergravity in 2+1 Dimensions and Super W(infinity) algebras
Olaf Hohm 7.4.-13.4.
Carlo Iazeolla 9.4.-21.4. Families of exact solutions of 4D higher-spin gravity with spherical, cylindrical and axial symmetry
Antal Jevicki 11.4.-20.4. On the S-matrices in Vector Model/Higher Spin Correspondence
Kewang Jin 9.4.-21.4. Higher Spin Black Holes from CFT
Euihun Joung 9.4.-19.4. Cubic interactions of massive and massless higher spins in (A)dS
Maximilian Kelm 9.4.-20.4.
Per Kraus 9.4.-15.4. Black holes in 3D higher spin gravity, part I
Cristian Martinez 9.4.-20.4.
Alfredo Perez 9.4.-20.4. Regularized action for higher spin gravity in 3D: black holes, global charges and thermodynamics
Eric Perlmutter 9.4.-20.4. Black holes in 3D higher spin gravity, part III
Stefan Pfenninger 9.4.-20.4.
Dimitri Polyakov 9.4.-21.4. String Theory and Frame-Like Formalism for Higher Spins
Massimo Porrati 10.4.-15.4. On the Unitarity of Critical Gravity and Other Higher-Derivative Theories
Joris Raeymaekers 9.4.-20.4.
Rakibur Rahman 9.4.-20.4. Higher-Spin Fermionic Gauge Fields and their Electromagnetic Coupling
Radoslav Rashkov 9.4.-22.4.
Soo-Jong Rey 9.4.-21.4
Jan Rosseel 10.4.-19.4.
Augusto Sagnotti 10.4.-20.4. On String theory and Higher Spins
Oliver Schlotterer 9.4.-20.4.
Per Sundell 9.4.-20.4. Off-shell Formulation of Higher-Spin Gravity Part II: BRST-BV Action
David Tempo 9.4.-20.4.
Ricardo Troncoso 9.4.-20.4.
Mauricio Valenzuela 10.4.-20.4.
Michael Vasiliev 9.4.-21.4. Holography, Unfolding and Higher-Spin Theory
Carl Vollenweider 9.4.-21.4.
Andrew Waldron 9.4.-21.4. Bulk Conformal Geometry and Solutions to Proca Systems
Thomas Zojer 10.4.-20.4.

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Contact the organizers by e-mail

Matthias Gaberdiel gaberdiel at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Daniel Grumiller grumil at Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Per Kraus pkraus at UCLA, USA
Radoslav Rashkov rash at Vienna University of Technology, Austria

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