The GIMP development version gained improved FITS plugin for importing such astrophysical data: See the beautiful images in the article " GIMP team revitalizes astrophotography tools" for the high precision import. The current development

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A Large Ion Collider Experiment (ALICE) has the great chance to be able to focus their updates entirely on interesting physics happening at heavy ion collisions: Long-term plans of the ALICE Collaboration details the physics goals and the possible upgrades for the expected high-luminosities heavy ion runs after 2018 shutdown.

  • "A new, high-resolution, low-material-thickness Inner Tracking System (ITS)."
  • "Upgrade of the Time-Projection Chamber (TPC) with replacement of the readout multi-wire chambers with GEM (Gas Electron Multiplier) detectors."
  • "Upgrade of the online systems: High-Level Trigger (HLT), data acquisition (DAQ), and trigger system, to adapt for high rates and to increase the data throughput to mass storage to about 20 GB/s."

This shall allow higher statistics for precision studies of the Quark-gluon plasma properties.

Alice schematic setup
© 2012 CERN - ALICE official schematics (2012).

Cosmic rays were discovered 100 years ago. BBC features an excellent video on the history of it's discovery: Cosmic rays - 100 years of discovery. It shows the first anti-matter discovery in a bubble chamber. A picture of Victor Hess launching in the balloon and the Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina is displayed too.

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Black Holes: Complementarity or Firewalls picks up a new controversial topic about what's happening to the infalling observer into the black hole at and around the event horizon by Joseph Polchinski and collaborators. Leonard Susskind retreated his paper on Complementarity And Firewalls.

There is a neat introductorial video by Tony Padilla of the Nottingham University about both of them:

At the Strings 2012 conference in Munich R. Bousso gave his version of Black Holes and Firewalls (talk video). In between came out the "full" contradiction saying Complementarity Endures: No Firewall for an Infalling Observer.

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The LHC performance and statictics page is a great tool to check on the delivered integrated luminosity of each experiment for a given time spawn. One learns that both Atlas and CMS reached more than 10 fb^1 (Wikipedia inverse femtobarn). The site also contains historical data from 2011 runs.

Large Hadron Collider

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The perimeter institute is hosting a workshop to discuss the search program for 2012/13. This is post (ATLAS and CMS papers) ICHEP 2012 results. One can see the great actual machine performance of the LHC reaching almost 10/fb this year. Slides of the PI-CMS presentations. Let's be excited on the upcoming month nailing the Higgs nature with even more data thanks to extent of p-p run by 7 weeks. ;)

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Entrepreneur Yuri Milner has spontaneously awarded $3 million prizes to nine prominent theoretical physicists. 'The intention was to say that science is as important as a shares rating on Wall Street,' he told Nature. Yuri Milner choose the 9 Laureates.

Next year it is up to the current laureates and newly appointed Nobel laureate in Physics Steven Weinberg to select the new ones which can be nominated by any third party. The fundamental physics price Winner are: Nima Arkani-Hamed, Alan Guth, Alexei Kitaev, Maxim Kontsevich, Andrei Linde, Juan Maldacena, Nathan Seiberg, Ashoke Sen and Edward Witten.

See the Laureates Page of the Fundamental Physics Prize for their theoretical advances on problems ranging from the Universe's early inflation to string theory. All recipients will held a lecture, which will be made available.

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The University of Minnesota is launching an peer-reviewed open textbook catalog. It contains basic courses for math and physics many originating from the Rice University Openbooks initiative, but one also finds rare gems like the Introduction to Physical Oceanography, which makes for an excellent weekend read involving all the physics of our oceans. Plus it is available in pdf for any screen reader without costs.

Introduction to Physical Oceanography

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After even Havards library wants to leave costy bundled subscriptions, the Royal society maximizes access and the very successful campaign of the cost of knownledge, where > 11.000 scientists signed to no longer work with Elsevier, due to it's excessive marketing policies one ought to be very curious about the push for open research by the UK governement happening under the advise of the Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

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Decisions concerning the upcoming CERN LHC plans are traditionally announced at the annual Winter LHC Chamonix Workshops. There is already quite some coverage by the CERN bulletin: day 1 with the 2011 LHC critical review, day 2 focussed on 2012 LHC possibilities, day 3 evolved to LHC shutdown plans, day 4 went on to the LHC powering up again, day 5 is centered on hi-lumi LHC future. The 2012 4 TeV beam energy with the goal of 15 inverse femtobarn of data got announced as well as the November p-Pb and Pb-p run on the second day.

LHC Chamonix Workshop 2012

The interesting slides are directly available from the conference site: Chamonix 2012 Timetable.

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