ESI Programme on

AdS Holography and the Quark-Gluon Plasma

Vienna, 2 August – 29 October 2010

Erwin Schrödinger
International Institute
for Mathematical Physics

Organizers:  A. Rebhan ( TU Wien, Austria)

S. Husa  (Univ. Illes Balears,Spain)

K. Landsteiner ( IFT Madrid,Spain)

Schedule and Slides

2-8 August 2010:  Introductory lectures

Review Lectures:
A. VuorinenQCD at finite temperature and density [PDF file]
S. Husa: Introduction to the Numerical Solution of the Einstein Equations [PDF I] [PDF II]
R. Myers:  AdS/CFT and the Quark-Gluon-Plasma I [PDF file]
A. Buchel:  AdS/CFT and the Quark-Gluon-Plasma II [PDF file]
D. Grumiller: Holographic renormalization
S. Sugimoto: Hadrons in Holographic QCD [PDF file]

V. Filev: Flavored SYM theory on S3 with various control parameters
B.-H. Lee: AdS/CFT in dense medium
M. Wapler: Massive Quantum Liquids from Holographic Angel's Trumpets [PDF file]
Y. Seo: Holographic hadrons in a confining finite density medium [PDF file]
C. Johnson: Holographic Fermi surfaces and magnetic fields
K.-Y. Kim: Holographic phase diagram of a chiral symmetry breaking gauge theory [PDF file]

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9-20 August 2010:  Initial workshop

J. Mas: Unquenched flavors in holographic quark gluon plasmas
H.-U. Yee: Holographic chiral magnetic spiral
M. Heller: Quasilocal notions of horizons in the fluid/gravity duality [PDF file]
A. Buchel: Transport at criticality [PDF file]
J. Erdmenger: Non-abelian holographic superfluids at finite isospin density [PDF file]
M. Kaminski: Fermions in non-Abelian holographic superfluids
A. Yarom: Holographic Fermi arcs and d-wave superconductors [PDF file] [Keynote]
K. Kajantie: Gravity duals of technicolor theories: thermodynamics and mass spectrum
J. Casalderrey-Solana: A new energy loss mechanism at strong coupling
N. Braga: Holographic model for dilepton production in p-p collisions [PDF file]

Click here to download detailed Schedule of Week 2 (updated Aug 8)

C. Marquet: Jet quenching in the strongly-coupled quark-gluon plasma
E. Kiritsis: The relativistic Langevin dynamics of heavy quark diffusion from holography [PDF file]
T. Sugimoto: Mesons as open strings in holographic QCD [PDF file]
V. Dobrev: Non-relativistic holography [PDF file]
O. Bergman: Holographic quantum Hall fluids [PDF file]
J. Wu / A. O'Bannon: Zero sound in strange metal holography
I. Klebanov: Towards low-temperature charged black holes in AdS [PDF file]
A. Taliotis: Initial state eccentricity from evolving geometries
M. Vazquez-Mozo: Colliding AdS gravitational shock waves [PDF file]

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Special events:

22 August 2010:   Excursion

Solo violin matinée of Daniel Auner in Schlösschen a. d. Weide, Maria Enzersdorf
(Bach, Ysaye, Ridout) and visit of historical center of Mödling Pictures from the excursion and from the EMMI Heuriger

24-28 August 2010:

EMMI workshop "HOT MATTER - quasiparticles or quasinormal modes" (organizers R. Baier, O. Kaczmarek, A. Rebhan and P. Romatschke) taking place within the ESI programme

Click here for PDF version of EMMI schedule (for slides click on previous link)

30 August - 29 October 2010:  extended programme

Seminars: (continuously updated) For abstracts, see Calendar of Physics Talks Vienna